Special overnight accommodations for families & seniors of the ‘modified pilgrimage’

For those families or seniors ONLY who opt to bring an RV, camper, or full-size van to transport the family between camps & to provide sleeping quarters, there are a couple options.

Day-0 Thursday – Pilgrims participating in the ‘modified events’ may park an RV, camper or family van for a fee (paid in advance or on arrival) at Lake George Battleground Park Campground. This Campground is also the Thursday afternoon check-in and Friday morning step-off location, in Lake George Village, NY.

NOTE WELL: The registration fee does not cover the cost to overnight at this campground — neither for pilgrim-families staying in RVs nor pilgrims pitching tents.

There are other RV campgrounds in area. See this page for info.  See also this website for local lodgings.

  • Day-0 Thursday (continued) — All pilgrims must check-in with organizers before 9:30p.m. near the public restrooms in Lake George Battleground Park Campground. Organizers encourage pilgrims to camp at this campground, which is also the location of holy Mass, breakfast, and step-off early Friday morning.
  • RVs, campers, and long vans must pay the public and private campgrounds to park and stay overnight Thursday, Saturday, and  Sunday nights (in 2022).
  • The registration fee covers only Friday and Saturday nights’ private campgrounds for pilgrims staying in tents.
  • Day-1 Friday — Pilgrims overnight at a private property (in 2022). Pilgrims bringing an RV or other vehicle may do so gratis (in 2022) but must notify the R.O. [responsible officer] of the CSRG‘s Camps-Team in advance, and confirm with the R.O. upon arrival Thursday.
  • Overnight stay Friday for all other pilgrims, in tents, is also covered by the registration fee.
  • Day-2 Saturday — Pilgrims overnight at Pop’s Lake Campground, owned by our friends of 25 years, The Steads — Bob, Anne, and Kat. Pilgrims bringing an RV or camper pay at the gate house upon arrival Friday. For information write in advance to owner Bob Stead at Pop’s Lake Campground.
  • Overnight stay Saturday for all other pilgrims, in tents, is covered by the registration fee.
    • Day-3 Sunday — RVs and campers must obtain permission in writing in advance to stay overnight Sunday at the Auriesville Shrine, after the conclusion of Pilgrimage 2022. Write to the Coordinator of Pilgrimages & Special Events. See the blog for posts telling about special events Sunday. Look for posts on the same blog about hotels/motels along the pilgrimage route, Thursday to Sunday.
    • Please see the FAQs page for more about the modified Pilgrimage. Or contact the Vice-Director via e-mail.