Special overnight accommodations for families & seniors of the ‘modified pilgrimage’ – 2023

This page explains how to plan overnight accommodations solely for families & seniors participating only in the ‘modified events’ of pilgrimage who opt to bring an RV, camper, or full-size van to transport the family between camps, to provide sleeping quarters.

Day-0   Thursday – Only those pilgrims participating in the ‘modified events’ – families and seniors – may reserve a space to park an RV, camper, or family van at Wood Park overnight: for a fee of $35/vehicle.

Wood Park is the area reserved by organizers to check-in all pilgrims, for pilgrims opting to camp Thursday night, and the location of rendezvous and step-off Friday morning.

See “Option 1.” on this blog post to learn how to reserve a space at Wood Park.


No gatherings of pilgrims may take place in the Battleground Campground in 2023.

Anyone electing to camp at the Battleground Campground does so of his own accord, but not as a pilgrim or under auspices of the Pilgrimage for Restoration.

Please do not identify yourself as pilgrim if you elect to camp there.
Campers there must follow all published rules of the Campground.

No pilgrimage activities or gatherings may take place in the Lake George Battleground Campground in 2023.

There are other RV campgrounds in area. See this page for info.  See also this website for local lodgings.

  • Day-1   Friday — Pilgrims overnight at a private property (2023). Pilgrims bringing an RV or other vehicle may do so gratis, but are asked to notify the Director of Modified Events in advance. RV owners may offer a free-will donation to the proprietor upon arrival.
  • Day-2     Saturday — Pilgrims overnight at Pop’s Lake Campground, owned by our friends of 25+ years, The Steads — Bob, Anne, and Kat. Pilgrims bringing an RV or camper pay at the gate house upon arrival Saturday. For information write in advance to owner Bob Stead at Pop’s Lake Campground.

  • Day-3   Sunday — RVs and campers must obtain permission in writing in advance to stay overnight Sunday at the Auriesville Shrine, after the conclusion of Pilgrimage 2023. Write to the Coordinator of Pilgrimages.
  • See the blog for posts telling about special events Sunday.

    See this webpage for more about the modified events of pilgrimage. Send questions in an e-mail to the Vice-Director for the Modified Pilgrimage.