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The fee shown above is per pilgrim, before discounts are applied in the cart and at check-out. Use one or two discount coupons from this page when reviewing your registration in the cart, or at checkout.

In case a discount coupon that you enter will not apply at check-out, please register anyway, only do not remit the fee shown at check-out. Instead, at check-out select ‘remit fee by check’. (You may also type a short note, if you wish.) You can then expect an e-mail confirmation within 72 hrs showing the discounted fee. After confirmation, you will also have the option to remit the corrected fee via paypal.com or by mail. Thanks for your patience, Pilgrim!   Tue, June 23   7:55pm EDT

You may register an individual, a group, or a family. The personal info of each registrant is entered (by you) on its own page.

Fees are due upon registration, and are non-refundable. In case a pilgrim cancels or does not show, the fee is accounted a donation to the apostolate.

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You may include a note, if you wish, at check-out.