About using discount coupons to register

The fees & discounts for Pilgrimage 2020, shown on the page here-linked, are simplified and up-to-date. The page below and the registration form reflect the same discounts.

In the effort to simplify fees & discounts, there are only two kinds of discounts — and coupons — which are both subject to dates and to group or family sizes. One or both coupons can be entered when registering. All discounts apply only with payment via PayPal online at time of registration.

  1.   Group, family, student, individual discounts — every month until September 15.
      (Valid for an individual registrant only until August 31.)

  3.   ‘Early-bird’ & monthly discounts — prior to July 1, then July through August, and finally (for groups/families only) during the first 15 days of September.
      (There are no discounts for individual registrants after August 31.)

NOTE WELL: Discounts on the so-called “12 Days of Christmas in Summertime” were discontinued last season (2019).

Apply one of the following coupons when registering 3 or more pilgrims in one of the discount periods.

  1.   Use the “GROUP” coupon at checkout to receive a discount for a group or family of 3 or more registrants
  2.   Use the “EARLY BIRD” coupon at checkout to receive an individual discount, or when registering a group or family of 3 or more registrants

A distinct registration for each pilgrim is submitted whenever an individual, group or family registers.

When you register, you don’t have to worry about calculating the fee, because any applicable discount is applied automatically when you enter one or two of the coupons.

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