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Fees & Discounts – 2018

The schedule of fees & discounts for Pilgrimage 2019 have been completely revised. See the new schedule on this page.

The schedule and explanations that appear below are NOT valid for Pilgrimage 2019, and have been substituted with a super-simplified schedule of discounts published here.

The registration fee is kept intentionally low. Organizers rely on the charity of benefactors, and not a few pilgrims depend further on the charity of sponsors to help cover their pricier costs, like transportation.

To help pilgrims even more, organizers offer DEEPLY discounted fees for those who pre-register, or who complete registration by July 1.

To make the fee even more affordable, pilgrims can ask their sponsors to contribute to or pay off their registration fee.

This year’s group & family discounts again as generous as ever. Per-pilgrim, group & family discounts can take 10 to 80% (!) off the fee using the ‘discount coupons’ when registering.

    (Almost best of all, the webforms have undergone a complete make-over, so the discounts are calculated & applied automatically.)

All fees are due at time of registration and non-refundable. In case of cancellation or no-show, the fee is accounted a donation to the apostolate.

Registration Fees – 2018, submitted until July 1

  1. individual registrant — $90 per pilgrim
  1. group discount, minimum 3 registrants — $70 per pilgrim beginning with the third registrant (The first two always pay $90.)
  1. family discount, minimum 3 registrants — $75 per pilgrim for first three (no matter ages)   After the third family member, $75 for every registrant over 12.

Click here to register.

Not sure you can make it yet to pilgrimage? PRE-register now to guarantee your discount until July 1.

Registration Fees submitted after July 1

  1. Pilgrims who submit payments and registrations postmarked AFTER July 1 are assessed “procrastinator fees”, which increase every month as step-off approaches.

after July 1

    1. — $110 per pilgrim

after August 1 — $130 per pilgrim

after September 1 and at ‘walk-on’  — $150 per pilgrim

Alms for Palms

  1. Begging alms is a part of pilgrimage journey. Since time immemorial pilgrims have depended on the charity of fellow Christians for food, supplies, lodging, transportation — and requited prayers.  Pilgrimage without sponsorship is — traditionally — unknown.

Pilgrims and their sponsors can use the alms for palms webform — which allows the pilgrim to walk without taxing his budget and the sponsor to walk away with a tax deduction.

No soul or family is to be turned away from the pilgrimage for want of a fee.

Those pilgrims who cannot afford the costs associated with pilgrimage — transportation, food, registration fee — must beg family, friends, relatives, neighbors, parishioners, et alia for alms — material gifts given in token exchange for prayers & penances offered by the pilgrims.

The Pilgrimage’s administrators do not have a single penny to grant pilgrims more in discounts than already offered.  The cost of pilgrimage each year far exceeds fees that are collected.  And its administrators already bear the additional burden of debt of years of pilgrimage costs in amounts many tens of thousands of dollars.

“12 days of Christmas in Summertime” — the special discounted days for groups and families after July 1 HAVE BEEN RE-INSTATED IN 2018.

Groups of three & more, and families, can register at a discount in July, August, and September.

To register at a discounted rate, groups of three or more — families, too — must register no later than the July 1, or on one of the 12 days of Christmas in summertime.

Why is there a registration fee at all?

Among the many additional costs to administer the pilgrimage, organizers supply all the water a pilgrim needs over the course of three days, supplement the meals for every pilgrim morning and evening, and pay the camp-owners for hundreds of pilgrims to overnight at two private sites.


So, just how much does a pilgrimage cost anyway?

Costs to administer the pilgrimage, $10-15k, far exceed the fees collected from pilgrims. Its existence continues to depend on the generous charity of benefactors, who can donate by clicking here.

Here’s a sample of expenses:

  • $850 water
  • $600 food
  • $1,900 transport
  • $1,250 insurance
  • $2,400 campsites
  • $1,750 stipends & fees
  • $1,500 mobile toilets

NCCL is an apostolate, a charity and non-profit in the strict sense, relying on God to move benefactors like you to give freely and generously of your collaborations & alms. NCCL receives no gifts, grants, subsidies or miscellaneous support from other institutions.

Pilgrimage for Restoration

2019 A.D.

-- 24th annual --

Friday - Sunday
27-29 September

A traditional walking pilgrimage

from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament
at Lake George Village, NY

to the Shrine of Our Lady's Martyrs of New France
at Auriesville, NY

Come to restore. The rest will come.