We all need to spread The Word

We all depend on The Word.

And The Word depends (as it were) on each pilgrim in his Church to get the word out about the pilgrimage of life: the return journey to The Father, through the Son.

It is also why the Pilgrimage relies on ‘word of mouth’ and “word of ‘net'” — to catch other fish for Christ.

So if you use Twitter, please retweet the following:


Three days left to register at group discount

Did you know that the group discounts to register expire this Monday, August 15, at 11:59pm?

That’s right, the discount period continues in honor of Our Blessed Lady, to celebrate the Dormition & Assumption of the all-Immaculate Mother of God.

But hurry!  Time is running out to save beau-coup bucks when you register with your family or friends to have the time of your life on pilgrimage.  (The family discount period has been extended for a limited time only!)

Auriesville or Bust!