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Arrival Points, Check-in, Shuttle Service & Accommodations

ArrivalOn this page you’ll find the address & contact information for every point of arrival, rendezvous, check-in, and destination – Thursday through Sunday.

To request Thursday’s shuttle service to the step-off location in Lake George Village from any of the locations numbered below (1. – 3.) simply submit this linked form to pilgrim-organizers asap after registering.


1. arrival by rail


Amtrack stops in Amsterdam, NY.
Call 800/872-7245 for Amtrak Services.

Click here for Amtrak’s website


2. arrival by air


Schenectady County Airport
21 Airport Rd
Scotia, NY 12302

– or –

Albany International Airport
737 Albany Shaker Rd
Albany, NY 12211


3. arrival by automobile


Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site   parking lot – Pilgrims park there Thursday after noon, in order to retrieve vehicles Sunday after final Mass.
129 Schoharie St
Ft Hunter, NY 12069

To request the shuttle service to the step-off location in Lake George Village from any of the locations numbered above (1. – 3.), simply submit this linked form to pilgrim-organizers asap after registering, but no later than September 16.

‘early-bird’ check-in & accommodations


Note well: EVERY pilgrim must check-in at Lake George Village upon arrival. All those traveling from afar are strongly advised to arrive Thursday afternoon or evening.

Check-in 16:30 – 19:15
– and continuously until approx. 22:00 hrs, as needed

The suggested campground (below) is at the site of the Friday morning Mass & step-off. Check-in table is located near the public bathrooms in the campground.

Lake George Battleground Campground
2224 State Route 9
Lake George, NY 12845


Check-in 20:00 – 22:00

The suggested nearby motel (below) is offered in charity by fellow-pilgrim owners for $10/pilgrim Thursday night only.

Cramer’s Point Motel and Cottages
Frank & Marian Sause, fellow-pilgrims & owners
3382 Lake Shore Dr
Lake George, NY  12845-6620

brigade formation & last-minute check-in

Friday morning

Note well: Friday morning check-in is ONLY for those arriving from afar early Friday morning, or who arrived too late Thursday to check-in.

Last minute check-in 05:45 – 06:30

EVERY pilgrim is required to form-up with his/her brigade Friday morning no later than 06:30 at the

Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot *
Beach Road
Lake George, NY 12845

* No street number is available online for the parking lot. As the map indicates, it is directly on the Lake shore, approx. 1,000 feet (in a direct line) due-east from the Mass site at the monument to St. Isaac Jogues. The coordinates of the exact location are as follow:

3. rendezvous points for pilgrims arriving for events Sunday-only

Sunday morning

Click here for locations & instructions.
Accommodations for pilgrims arriving for Sunday’s events

Call hotels directly for rates and directions.

Travel Port
Fultonville, NY

Riverside Motel
Fultonville, NY

Holiday Inn
Johnstown, NY
Sunday – final destination

Our Lady’s Shrine of the Martyrs (of New France)
136 Shrine Rd
Auriesville, NY


Pilgrimage for Restoration
2017 A.D.

-- 22nd annual --

Friday - Sunday
29 September - October 1

A traditional walking pilgrimage

from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament
at Lake George Village, NY

to the Shrine of Our Lady's Martyrs of New France
at Auriesville, NY

Come to restore. The rest will come.