Putting off procrastination, the easy way

Get a jump on spiritual & temporal preparations.

And while you’re at it, save mega-bucks, besides your soles … and soul.

Pre-register today for the 17th annual pilgrimage. Friday – Sunday, 28-30 September 2012

You can use the same form, whether you wish to walk with your friends again, keep the pilgrimage going with your prayers, or volunteer to help them prepare — even if you can’t get to Auriesville this year.

And even if you haven’t made a final decision.

Or maybe you can make your final registration today? If so, then click here.

(Did I mention you can secure an hefty discounted fee, to boot? And deeper cuts still for families?)

Why delay? Instead, why not make use precisely of the grace God gives you, when He gives it, as He gives it. … as St. (Mother) Maria Maravillas of Jesus, O.C.D. used to say.

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