Calling all Romans … of the East, too

Christus resurrexit! Xristos anesti! Khrystos voskres!

For years the several — and not numerically insubstantial — pilgrim-veterans of the Eastern Catholic churches have talked about forming an Eastern brigade, in order to make the Pilgrimage for Restoration in the manner of Eastern Romans.

Are you an Eastern Christian with that kind of aspiration? Or do you know an Eastern Christian to invite to join in the fun?

To start, pre-register now. It’s quick, easy, and painless.

Or, register straight away, by clicking here.

Or, invite an Eastern Roman friend to make pilgrimage!

Then e-mail the Director to tell him of your intention to join the Eastern brigade in formation, or of your invitation to an Eastern Christian.

By the way, in case you hadn’t heard, the Director — who is also a founder of the pilgrimage — is an Eastern Roman. (And he promises not to lead the brigade as its brigadier!)

What’s an “Eastern Roman” anyway?

Read here about descendants of the Christians of Ephesus who still make pilgrimage to the “Doorway to the Virgin” from their distant mountain village in present-day Turkey.

Vere surrexit! Alithos anesti! Voisteny voskres!

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