They’ve made it.

pilgrimage for restoration
So have millions of Christians ever since Christ bade us, “Come, follow me”.

And most of them (and all of us since 1996) have even returned home to tell about the journey.

Why not you?

Do you think that pilgrimaging is too difficult for you? Have you ever thought, “I could never do that.” “Not with little kids, to be sure.” “I’m too old for that.” “How possibly could I walk that far?” “Camping out is not for me.”

Or, are you so concerned with all the temporal details — the material considerations about what to wear or to eat or of transportation — that you are scared away from pilgrimage?

Be careful. “The devil is in the details.” It is precisely in those kinds of details that the prince of deception lurks: to jump out and scare you from making pilgrimage, which is hardly about those things in the first place.

Again, let the aspiring pilgrim beware. The devil is hiding behind just such thoughts as those. A(n im)pure spirit, it is easy for him to hide, undetected, behind thoughts. Yes, your thoughts.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts”, sayeth the Lord God Isaias 55:8. And it’s a good thing, too.

For his thoughts are to us a simple command: “Come, follow me.”

Besides, who ever said ‘you have to walk that far’?

No one can come to Christ, unless the Father draw him.

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

18th Annual Pilgrimage for Restoration

Pilgrimage Banner

Friday – Sunday
September 20-22, 2013

Now is the acceptable time.

Jump-start your plans, even if you are not sure you can make it to Auriesville. PRE-register. It’s simple, easy & there are no strings attached: you are left free to decide later whether you can make it or not.

You can also make pilgrimage from afar, from home or parish: obtain a plenary indulgence, sponsor a pilgrim (or two), request prayers or offer them — all from this page.

Listen to and learn the Songs of Pilgrimage!

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