What does the ‘Modified Division’ of the pilgrimage organization look like, and where does it ‘fit in’?

pilgrimage for restorationThis ‘schematic’ of the Modified Division gives a partial answer.

(This page of the FAQs provides a look at the ‘modified pilgrimage’ in general.)

The general Directorate and the Director of the Modified Division (MD) ask all pilgrim-organizers of the MD to download the Modified Division organization chart, to study and to use it, under the guidance of the MD Director, to reconstitute the ranks of the Division this season.

The brigadier & his officers of the MD are expected to assist in the reforming of the Holy Family Brigade and the re-assignment of officers. Contact Chief of Brigadiers, Michael Six, for guidance. 484/330-9861 Or, Bob Seeley, the Director of the Division. 914/262-2766

(If Mr. Six is unable to reply promptly enough to allow your plans to advance, please contact the First Assistant to the Chief of Brigadiers, Chris Moulton. 607/226-8839)

With now fewer than 30 days till step-off, the expectation is that the chart will help organizers of the Modified Division to intensify and re-focus their objectives — foremost by filling the positions of responsibility in the Division.

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