Kirk! How can you smile at a time like this?

To answer that headline question: probably because he has an old habit of laughing at his own suffering-self.

In your charity, please pray for the speedy & complete recovery of fellow pilgrim and founding co-organizer of the Pilgrimage, Mr. Kirk Kanzenbach of Athelstane, Wisconsin.

We are informed (thanks to fellow pilgrim, Mrs. Dennis Mitchell) that our faithful pilgrimage friend was injured on April 28 while cutting down a tree. According to an initial report, Kirk has suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, spinal compression, and some paralysis of his right arm etc.

There are, we are also told, pictures of him – on Facebook – in the hospital, and Kirk is smiling … as usual!

We encourage friends and fellow pilgrims to exchange news & comments here, on the weblog, or on the Pilgrimage Facebook page.

We also await updates from Mrs. Bonni Kanzenbach.

And as soon as someone e-sends the photo to me, I’ll do what I can to post it. (Like Kirk, I don’t do that facebook stuff. ed. – gpl)

Christus resurrexit! Vere Kirk item resurget!

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