Good excuses, excused for good

Always wanted to make it, but just couldn’t … find the time to get away?  We hear you!

What’s so different this year that makes it time now to register?

Reason #1  The Pilgrimage is shorter by a full day: Friday-Sunday, instead of Wednesday-Saturday.

Reason #2  Better yet, as you just no doubt noticed, now the journey takes place over a ‘long weekend’. That makes it fit even more seamlessly into the life of working families and students.

Pilgrimages-past required almost a whole week away from school or work,  Tuesday to Friday, and Saturday to boot.

But this year’s schedule makes getting away from work or school simpler: only part of Thursday and Friday.

And holy Mass finishes Sunday at 5:00 P.M., leaving time to get to airport or even to drive home, or back to school.

For those needing or wishing to take off Monday, isn’t that usually the preference – Friday & Monday- when taking personal days?

In every case, it will mean duties fulfilled – first to God, then to men – and all refreshed with grace.

Pilgrimage for Restoration. Come to restore. The rest will come.

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