Truth even in clouds can get dry

Is floating with ideas in the clouds getting dry?

When we’re at our best, we students pursue truth for a vocation. We’re in our books and college bubble.

Why not take the time to walk with the Truth Himself, living, walking, breathing? Not confined to books or our minds, Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, is the completion of our life as students.

How about moving beyond acknowledgement of that fact and taking steps to actually live it?

And why not take several of those steps on the Pilgrimage for Restoration 2011?

pilgrimage for restoration

With the new dates and the freedom to join at any time, the Pilgrimage runs from Friday to Sunday, September 23-25, easier than ever for students to join. To make the entire pilgrimage, there’s no more missing a whole week of class–now miss only Friday’s classes.

And that pales in comparison to the spiritual benefits. Shed your sin and receive Christ’s saving mercy in confession. See Christ elevated in the Eucharist at the traditional Latin Mass. See and touch and know the joy and peace Christ prayed for in the eyes of your fellow pilgrims. Flesh out your education with the Word made Flesh.

No better time than today to register!

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