83 days and (look) who’s counting?

You should be, if you wish to make pilgrimage prepared, by starting to make preparations now. (Click here to register.)

Yesiree, step-off September 23 is only a short 83 days off. That reminds of another good, short reason to make pilgrimage.

Reason #3 The Pilgrimage is shorter in miles. We’ve shaved almost 14 miles from the trek. (Wonders never cease. Find out how here.)

That’s related to another ‘short’ Reason, #4, to make it this year: Pilgrimage 2011 includes only two nights camping or lodging instead of three (as in years past).

Both short reasons leave pilgrims in better condition to travel Sunday, or/and less tired to return to work Monday if they choose.

What are you waiting for? Register today. Catholic restoration is a click (here) away.

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