Down and definitely not out, praying pilgrim hopes for complete recovery

Veteran pilgrims will remember with many smiles — and renewed prayers — fellow pilgrim and pilgrimage co-founder Kirk Kanzenbach of Wisconsin. Kirk was badly injured last summer in an accident at work. But his prolonged paralysis is now in steady retreat.

Here follows the text of an e-mail received today from his beloved Bride, Bonni.


Dear Friends,

One year ago, we almost lost Kirk. God has been so good to give us all the grace we’ve needed to endure these trying months. Kirk is now walking around a little with the help of his modified walker. Now that it’s warmer, he spends several hours a day outside overseeing all the work that needs to be done. JMJ Custom Building is still going strong, keeping Willie and my brothers working and us busy as well!

If you are still praying for Kirk’s healing, we sure appreciate it!!! His progress is slow, but steady. He works hard at therapy and at home to get better. His arms continue to get stronger as his range increases. We have been blessed with some excellent therapists this year and the new ones continue to work on getting his hands to function. If his hands worked he’d be so much more independent and capable of caring for himself ( and us;) ) Of course, we are resigned to the most holy will of our Good God Who knows what’s best for us.

We continue to keep all of you in our prayers because we are so grateful for your prayers, meals, gifts, and precious friendship. May God continue to bless you as we keep smiling through this Vale of Tears, “working out our salvation in fear and trembling.”

Yours sincerely with deepest gratitude,
Bonni and Kirk and the family

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity

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