Calling all volunteers! Hurry CSRG …

Volunteers of the Company of St. Rene Goupil have until Tuesday, May 15 to register for the requested gift of $40, and tore-apply for membership in the Company.

After May 15, volunteers are asked to pay the same registration fee as ‘plain vanilla pilgrims’, starting at $80.

The rate increases by $20 every month, beginning July 1. (Anyone registering after September 1 — ‘walk-ons’ included — pay $150.)

Click here to see the schedule of fees for procrastinators, late-comers and walk-ons.

Don’t know yet whether or not you can make it? Lock in the discounted fee until July 1 by PRE-registering.

New volunteers have until June 1 to apply for membership in the ranks of St. Rene, among the first pilgrims to Auriesville.

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