ATTENTION pilgrims using shuttle Thursday: new over-night parking location Thursday through Sunday

Pilgrims utilizing the shuttle this Thursday (only) should proceed directly to the cafeteria lot at the Auriesville Shrine, exactly as described in all the e-mail confirmations they have received, and/or as shown on the blog & website.

Once at the cafeteria lot, the pilgrim-organizers of the CSRG Transportation Team, led by Mr. Dennis Mitchell, will provide each driver with further instructions.

Why this notice?

Despite 17 years of otherwise unremarkable experiences, the Director of Our Lady of the Martyrs Shrine at Auriesville has decided without explanation to deny pilgrims to park vehicles overnight on the grounds there.

As God wills, another location near-by has been found. The Schoharie Historic Site parking lot in Ft. Hunter, NY — only a couple miles east of the Shrine, along NY Rt. 5S.

If a pilgrim-driver has further questions, he or she can contact Mr. Mitchell directly at the cellular no. listed in the e-mail confirmations. That is, 610/390-9507.

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