Water, water everywhere

camping pilgrimageDo you & yours, or someone you know, drink bottled water?

If so, NCCL has some for you.

Left over from last month’s pilgrimage are 17 packs of 16.9 oz. bottles of pure spring water (24/pack) — all in the original packaging.

We’d simply return them all, but the store will have to chuck every bottle in the dumpster. It’s a state law. Besides, the local stores can only refund about 2/3 of the the original price — and not a cent of the deposit on the empties.

So they don’t go to waste, NCCL can give the packs away — or, can offer them to benefactors as a token of thanks for donations to the apostolate.

If you’d like to take all or some of them, please do let me know.

(They will probably go fast, now that we are finally asking around.)

By the way, the Coalition paid $3.49/pack, plus a $1.20/pack deposit at the ALDI in Johnstown, NY where we have been shopping for the pilgrimage for now going on 19 years. That’s a total of $4.69/pack, or $79.73 for all 17 packs.

The apostolate will gratefully accept whatever a benefactor wishes to offer in support of the NCCL charity.

If you know someone else who drinks bottled water and might wish to have some, please let the Director know asap, via e-mail or by calling 610/435-2634.

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