Vive le Christ Roi!

Pilgrims for restoration are asked to pray for our brother pilgrims preparing The Way to Our Lady’s shrine at Chartres, in France.

Join the pilgrimage there – now in it’s 35th year – this Pentecost, June 3-5, with The Remnant, led by veteran Michael Matt.

Click The Remnant Tours – Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres for info.

Or dial The Remnant Tours at 651/433-5425.

The annual Pilgrimage for Restoration is inspired by and modeled on the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage of the Notre Dame de Chrentiente apostolate.

Visit their site (in English) at .

Click here to learn about the Pentecost Pilgrimage, and the ancient pilgrimage itself — walked by saints such as Joan of Arc, and King Louis IX.

In your charity, please pray for the health & salvation of Arnaud de Lassus, a rehabilitator – in 1983 – of the ancient pilgrimage, who in 1993 also inspired & challenged Greg Lloyd, during a meeting in Vienna, Virginia, to found what has since become the annual Pilgrimage for Restoration.

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