Prayers requested for pilgrim-hoteliers

Please pray for Frank & Maria Sause, the generous fellow-pilgrims who for over 20 years have graciously opened the doors of their hotel, Cramer’s Point, and their kind hearts, to accommodate pilgrims the night before step-off.

See this webpage, for example.

After decades of warm hospitality, and raising a large family there, Frank & Marian wish now to sell the motel, cottages, and resort to another Catholic family, or to allow the property to be developed.

See this link to Cramer’s Point online.

Please remember their intentions in your prayers to Good St. Joseph, The Worker.

And please thank them for opening their home and hotel generously to pilgrims again this season, the night before step-off.



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Friday – Sunday
27-29 September 2019

Now is the acceptable time.

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