additional instructions for CAMPERS staying at Lake George Battleground Campground Thursday night – Pilgrimage 2022

Campers staying Thursday night at the Battleground Campground at Lake George ARE OBLIGED, naturally, to keep their own campsite and all the campground clean and orderly, including the public bathrooms.

Every camper must observe the quiet time from 10:00pm til 07:00am. That means LIGHTS OUT and that no one beyond your site, in an adjacent site, may hear you make any noise after 10:00pm Thursday evening until 07:00 Friday morning.

Please spread the word.

The pilgrimage does not begin until Friday morning. Every camper who overnights at the Battleground Campground is responsible to pay the fee to the campground authorities, and to comport himself peaceably and with every respect to the law, to good order, to public authorities and all others who visit the place.

We must be ready to conform to every requirement which the civil authorities, foremost the D.E.C at the Battleground Campground give to us.

For those campers who have not reserved a site in advance, every camper who arrives Thursday must pay their campsite fee at the hut at the entrance to the Battleground Campground, and receive instructions from the D.E.C. official or employee who oversees the campground.

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