What costs and needs do registration & its fee cover and provide for? – Pilgrimage 2021

The registration fee covers a lot for each pilgrim, though not every expense he can expect to incur.

Q: What do registration and the registration fee cover/provide?

A: Plenty. For example:

– instructions, preparation, guidance to step-off, and every step along The Way

– pilgrims’ prayer & songs booklet

– brigade organization to lead in prayer & guide a pilgrim on the road and in camp

– modest first-aid for foot-sore pilgrims on the road and in camp

– all the bottled water a pilgrim needs to drink over the course of three days

– the camping fee for two nights at two private campsites – Friday and Saturday

NOTE WELL: Fee does not cover accommodations for the first night’s (Thursday) motel nearby, or the campus of St. Mary’s Church in Hamburg at, the check-in & step-off location. Pilgrims must book a motel (if choosing that option) in advance, and pay for it. Contact info for the two motels nearest check-in & step-off appear in this post and also in this post of the blog. To camp at St. Mary’s Church Thursday evening, pilgrims are asked to give a donation to the Parish, on site: suggested amounts are $5 per pilgrim and $7 per family. See this post (scroll to the bottom) for additional explanations about overnight accommodations and options.

– bread, soup, and hot water to supplement two suppers (Fri-Sat) in camp

– bread & jam, apples, and hot water to supplement three breakfasts (Fri-Sun) in camp

– hauling of all baggage & gear from camp to camp each day

– vans to give rest to weary walkers all three days

– port-a-potties all three days following the main column, walking

shuttle service to step-off location Thursday evening; that is, from arrival parking lot or public transportation (PT) terminal in Allentown — Lehigh Valley Internat’l Airport or downtown bus terminal — to the step-off location, and return to the parking lot or PT terminal Sunday

See this post — Q. #9 — for more info: http://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/blog/?p=5243

NOTE: not all posts on this blog have been updated to reflect the re-location of Pilgrimage 2021 to Pennsylvania. Rolling updates are forthcoming, pending final decisions & determinations, as details are ironed out. However, this post is current as of Saturday, Sept. 18.

Find out more in Questions & Answers 1 through 9 on the blog. http://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/blog/?cat=35

What costs does the registration fee not cover?

The registration fee does not cover —

– either the donation to St. Mary’s Church for the first night’s camp, or the cost of a nearby motel accommodation (i.e., the registration fee does NOT cover either of the two overnight options Thursday evening; see this post for those options)

– the cost of transportation that each pilgrim incurs –whether driving or flying — to arrive Thursday in Allentown, and to return home

(Confer, on the other hand, the notes above about the shuttle service Thursday afternoon from Allentown to a motel nearby or the campground at the step-off location approx. 50 miles west of Allentown. Also, back to PT terminal Sunday.)

– nine simple meals prepared & packed by each pilgrim for breakfast, lunch & supper Friday, Saturday and Sunday

– personal medication or foot treatment kits, etc.

Click here to consult questions 6,7,8, and 9 in the FAQs at https://pilgrimage-for-restoration.org/blog/?s=faq .

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