Question #5 – “What’s this I heard about check-in Thursday evening & rendezvous Friday morning?” 2020

That’s right. Every pilgrim must check-in upon arrival.

We strongly advise you to do that on Thursday afternoon or evening with the ‘early-birds’.

It’s possible Friday morning, too — but barely. There is always too little time.

That’s because every pilgrim, without exception, must also report to the ‘rendezvous point’ bright & early Friday morning, to form-up with the brigades before holy Mass & step-off.

If you’ve read posted Question #4 (below) you already know about the stress-free way to request the shuttle to bring you to the step-off location, so you’ll be reunited Sunday with your vehicle — or get back to your departure terminal if you flew into Albany or took the train or bus.

Here’s also how to make check-in stress-free — on everybody.

If you’ve read other recent FAQ posts on this blog, then you already know a little about rendezvous and early-bird check-in.

For instance, you know that everyone — no exceptions — has both to register (preferably long in advance) and then to check-in with organizers after arriving at Mtn. Springs Camping Resort, Thursday afternoon or evening.

We’ll get to the rendezvous part later on, below — and driving directions, too. For now let’s concentrate on check-in.

This year there is only one opportunity & place to check-in for ‘early-birds’, arriving Thursday:

  1. Early-bird check-in commences Thursday afternoon at 4:30, September 24, and continues until 9:00 p.m. at the Mtn. Springs Campground in the tenting sites reserved to pilgrims.

Regardless where a pilgrim overnights Thursday — local motel or in the Campground, he or she must come to the campground tent sites between 4:30 and 9:00 p.m. to check-in.

2. For late-comers Thursday night there is a last minute check-in Friday morning, September 27, at the Mtn. Springs Campground.

However, check-in Friday morning is only to be used as a last resort for pilgrims who positively cannot arrive earlier. There is a lot for organizers and the reforming brigades to do before holy Mass, and not a lot of time to accomplish it.

To summarize:

1. Each and every pilgrim must check-in with organizers once they arrive on site, whether Thursday evening as an ‘early-bird’ or early Friday morning as a ‘late-comer’.

2. If a pilgrim has not yet completed registration in advance he/she must do so before check-in, first thing upon arrival.

3. Early-bird pilgrims receive their brigade assignments, as well as instructions of the simple steps to bring them to the ‘rendezvous point’ and Mass site Friday morning at the Mtn. Springs Campground.

Regardless when or where a pilgrim registers and/or checks-in ALL PILGRIMS MUST REPORT TO THEIR BRIGADIER & reform with the brigades at the rendezvous point, in the Mtn. Springs Campground at 05:45 Friday morning, September 25.

It bears repeating: brigades reform Friday, 27 September, 5:45 A.M. Every pilgrim — without exception — must report in person to their brigadier & reform with the brigades at the rendezvous point, in Mtn. Springs Campground at 05:45 Friday morning.  Organizers checking you in will explain where the rendezvous point is for Friday morning.

Registration is possible Friday morning, but very inconvenient. Pilgrims are strongly urged to register in advance with the easy-to-use form.

For more information, see the other FAQs on this blog.

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

25th annual — 2020 A.D.

Pilgrimage Banner

Friday – Sunday
25-27 September

“Now is the acceptable time.”


Your friends staying home this year can make pilgrimage from afar, from home or parish: obtain a plenary indulgence, sponsor a pilgrim (or two), request prayers or offer them — all from this page.

Listen to and learn the Songs of Pilgrimage!

“No one makes pilgrimage alone.”
Oremus pro invicem.
In unione orationum.
Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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