A way to invite friends and fellow parishioners – Pilgrimage 2024

Ask your pastor to read the following announcement to the congregation on Sundays and holy days until step-off next month.

Join fellow parishioners on an all-traditional, walking pilgrimage in penance for your sins, in reparation for sins in society at large and in the Church, to beg God for all your many needs and intentions, and to thank Him for His many blessings. Joyful fellowship, confession, and holy Mass in the traditional Roman rite every day. Register for the 29th annual Pilgrimage for Restoration to the Shrine of Our Blessed Lady’s Martyrs at Auriesville in upstate New York, September 27-29. Speak with parishioner-pilgrims [insert place: at the registration table downstairs/outside/at the exit] after holy Mass today, [insert date; e.g.,]. For more information visit pilgrimage-for-restoration.org on the web.