Pilgrimage. It’s not just for Chaucer nay-more.

pilgrimage for restoration

Looks inviting, eh? Imagine: real life on pilgrimage just got even better.

New days & ways in 2012 mean you too can have ‘the time of your life’ again over a ‘long weekend’, Friday through Sunday, instead of a whole week away as in years past.

That makes it lots easier for collegians, home-schoolers & high-schoolers, working families and just about everybody to participate.

Now 12.5 miles shorter and following a more direct route, it’s also easier than ever for pilgrims to join up the last day, just like most pilgrims do at our model and inspiration, the Paris-to-Chartres Pentecost Pilgrimage in France.

There’s something in the works for everybody.

Click here to check it out.

DEEP discounts expire June 1.

Not sure you can make it? Pre-register by clicking here to hold your discount until July 1.

The 17th annual Pilgrimage for Restoration is scheduled for 28-30 September 2012.

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