Get on your knees, and make pilgrimage

Not necessarily by walking. (Although there are many Christians who still make pilgrimage on their knees.)

But by setting a course into the desert of the heart, in the hope it will be transformed into a Christian desert, an oasis for Christ.

Pilgrimage Chaplain, Father-Canon Andreas Hellmann, has recommended the following prayer, in response to organizers who asked him for one to bind together all the pilgrims while the pilgrimage of life continues, and to begin this year’s events on pilgrimage together.

Remember a watch-word of the pilgrimage: “Nobody makes pilgrimage alone.”

Indeed, nobody can come to Christ, unless the Father draw him.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

Together with Father Hellmann and the other Priest-Chaplains, organizers ask all past pilgrims and prospective pilgrims to commit the following prayer to heart, and to offer it each day.

My Lord and my God,
take from me whatever keeps me from Thee.

My Lord and my God,
grant me whatever brings me to Thee.

My Lord and my God,
take my self, to live wholly in Thee.

St. Nicholas of Flüe, 1447-1487

(Adapted from the prayer in German at

Please pray the prayer for all the intentions & in the penitential spirit of the pilgrimage: in preparation of our hearts & minds, hands & feet for the days when we shall, please God, reconvene on the way to Ossernenon, the “Land of Crosses”.

That we may make pilgrimage worthily together.

Pilgrimage 2013
20 – 22 September


18th Annual Pilgrimage for Restoration

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