Stunning website, serious reparation, Sunday togetherness – Pilgrimage for Restoration 2014

pilgrimages new yorkHonor.



Wish to see & hear the kinds of things that inspire hundreds of Catholics to pilgrimage year after year?

Order the soaring Songs of Pilgrimage, or the video documentary.

And have a look at a preview of pilgrimage in a stunning, new website of photos & well-told stories.

In your charity, please pray for pilgrim siblings Therésè & Julian Ptak who have generously applied their rich talents of copyrighting & programming to construct the new website.

It’s free. And it takes only a moment.

(Besides, it really helps organizers prepare for you and the hundreds of other pilgrims.)

Can’t make it to pilgrimage this Sunday?

Join in the prayers. Obtain a plenary indulgence. Or, support the pilgrims.

That’s easy, too.

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