EVERY   pilgrim-volunteer’s VERY FIRST STEP

It’s as simple as saying “yes” or “no”.

But let your speech be yes, yes: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil. Mt. v, 37

Will you volunteer to help fellow-organizers jump-start preparations today, or not?

There are only three options — no matter what your circumstances.

We need to know yours, today. What do you say?

1. Yes, I will volunteer this season – whether in the planning phase only, or in the field, or both.
2. No, I am already sure I cannot volunteer this season – not in planning, nor in the field.
3. Well, I am not yet sure whether I shall volunteer this season. I need a little time to decide.

Which is your option?

Your fellow organizers need to know. Today.

Telling us is as simple as clicking here.

There are only 60 days til step-off. (See the clock at the very bottom of the home-page on the Pilgrimage website.)

Nobody — not you, and not your fellow-organizers — can get started until you give your word, by telling them what you intend to do. Which is it?


How hard can it be to tell somebody that?

The good news, is that telling your fellow-organizers is quick, painless, and doesn’t cost a cent.

Signing-up to volunteer is not at all the same as registering for pilgrimage. You do NOT have to travel to The Adirondacks to volunteer. Volunteering begins at home. Right now. (Whether you travel to NYS later, or not.) It’s easy.

Just click here. It take about 90 seconds. No fuss. No more procrastinating. No strings attached.

What do you do on pilgrimage? Maybe you sing in one of the choirs? Or help to organize your brigade? Or serve at the Altar? Or work with the Company of St. René Goupîl?

Every volunteer signs-up no matter if you are with the Company of St. René Goupîl, or serve at the Altar in the Corps of St. Eustace Ahatsistari, or walk and organize your brigade, or sing in one of the choirs on pilgrimage, or help lead the Modified Pilgrimage.

Have a question? This short explanation can help.

Contact Paul Farynaz, Vice-Director for Recruitment
978/502-7971 mobile

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