What is a ‘brigade’ on pilgrimage? And who are its ‘officers’?

Saint Isaac Brigade Pilgrimage for Restoration ca. 2000This ‘schematic’ of brigade organization gives a partial answer.

This page of the FAQs provides a more complete answer.

The Vice-Director for Brigade Life and the Chief of Brigadiers ask all brigadiers & their officers to download the brigade organization chart, to study and to use it to reconstitute the ranks of their brigades.

All brigadiers & their officers are expected to assist in the reforming of their brigade and re-assignment of officers. Contact the Chief of Brigadiers, Reuben DeMaster, for guidance.

With now but 40 days till step-off, brigadiers are asked to ‘get busy’.

Now you can sign-up to volunteer with your fellow bridage-officers, and put off registering until you are ready. (Click here to register.)

If you’re not going to Auriesville, no need to register at all. But you can still volunteer, and help your fellow officers prepare for the days on the road. Just sign-up to let everyone know.

Even if you are NOT planning or willing to volunteer this season, please tell fellow organizers, so they know your intentions, and can remember to communicate with you next year.

If Mr. DeMaster is unable to reply promptly enough to allow your plans to advance, please contact the Emeritus Chief of Brigadiers, Mike Six for help.

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