What does the ‘Modified Division’ of the pilgrimage organization look like, and where does it ‘fit in’?

This ‘schematic’ of the Modified Division gives a partial answer.

(This page provides an overview of the ‘modified pilgrimage’.)

The Director of Pilgrimage and the Vice-Director for Modified Events ask all pilgrim-organizers of the modified division to download the Modified Division organization chart, to study and to use it, under the guidance of the Vice-Director for Modified Events, to reconstitute the ranks of the Division this season.

The brigadier & his officers of the modified division are expected to assist in the reforming of the Holy Family Brigade and the re-assignment of officers. Contact Chief of Brigadiers, Reuben Demaster, for guidance. 484/201-8249   Or, Charles Zepeda, the Vice-Director for Modified Events. 304/616-2384

If Mr. Demaster is unable to reply promptly enough to allow your plans to advance, please contact the Emeritus Chief of Brigadiers, Mike Six. 720/417-0503

With now fewer than 40 days till step-off, the expectation is that the chart will help organizers of the Modified Division to intensify and re-focus their objectives — foremost by filling the positions of responsibility in the Division.

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