The real deal. Pilgrimage all-year-round in St. Joseph, Missouri

Pilgrims will remember Fr. Lawrence Carney on The Way to Auriesville in 2015.

When back at home, in St. Joseph, Missouri, his is the kind of visible presence, on the street, searching for souls to convert to The Lord God and waiting-on The Lord God to send them, that is exactly what our fellow Americans need, who have never before heard the Gospel or seen it lived. Only its counterfeits.

(And by “fellow Americans” is meant baptized, practicing Catholics, for the vast-most part. Even those aspiring to receive and live Catholic faith integrally, traditionally.)

It’s the exact kind of “new evangelization” that — of this we can be sure — St. John Paul II called for.

May God increase the laborers, strengthen their labors, and multiply the harvests!

The following e-mail gives only a brief glimpse into what one of the Pilgrimage’s ‘extraordinary’ Priest-Chaplains are doing between pilgrimages, in the spirit of ongoing pilgrimage.

Please pray for them! (See this post to join the prayer-team!)

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Fwd: Immaculate Conception
From: Mrs Tessa DeMaster
To: Gregory P Lloyd
Date: 12/8/2016, 11:14:41 AM

Greg, you will of course remember Father Carney from Pilgrimage 2015.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Rev Fr Lawrence Carney
Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 10:58 AM -0500
Subject: feast of The Immaculate Conception [update on apostolate of St. Martin of Tours, in St. Joseph, Missouri]


Dear ​Martinain Prayer Warriors,​

Laudetur Iesus et Maria! ​It has been a long time since I wrote, so here is an update on our Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. ​

​It has truly been a blessing to walk the streets and propagate the Faith among the souls I meet with the Rosary for almost 3 years! Remember the method of St. Francis de Sales? He had no reverts or converts after three years. But after 25 years he had 72,000. I see this happening with me, too. It has been almost three years and there is only one revert to my knowledge. A couple of years ago a man returned to Confession after a number of years.

There is good news! A lady had me over to her restaurant in New Orleans a number of times. One day she stood by the table and said, “So Father, when are you going to baptize me?” She is getting baptized on December 17th.

I was asked by a family to bless their house because it had demonic influence here in St. Joseph. A year later they told me that the demons left after the blessing, saying, “Can you give us instructions to become Catholic?” I have been giving them instructions for the last few months. The children are learning as the mother makes flash cards. For example, “What are the 6 precepts of the Church?” This is better than my grade school religion class!!

We have a man who has not been to confession for over 45 years who has asked me to help him make that first one in a long time. Here is how it happened. As I was standing on the sidewalk at the bus station he said, “Father do you hear confessions?” I said, “Absolutely.”

In my estimation, this is looking like the results that St. Francis de Sales had, zero reverts for three years, then a drip, drip, then a trickle, a river then a flood. In my investment banking days we call this exponential growth. It is a flat curve at the beginning then the arch grows more and more vertical.

Please pray for the foundation of the Martinians. Imagine 12 apostles walking two by two in your city, praying the Rosary for a week. Do any of you have loved ones who have left the Catholic Church? Do you think your loved ones would notice 12 apostles walking around in these latter times as St. Louis de Montfort mentions, “They will carry a Crucifix in their right hand and a Rosary in their left hand.” Maybe this will be a kick start to encourage them to come to the mission.

Advent lasts for 16 more days. Could you pray for the Martinians between now and Christmas? Here is my wish list.

Days of Fast for the Martinians – 33
Rosaries for the Martinians – 333 (One family in Kansas City pledged 975 Rosaries for the Martinians last year. We became very close friends.)
Stations of the Cross for the Martinians – 33
Masses attended for the Martinians – 100
Spiritual Communions for the Martinians – 100
The Angelus for the Martinians – 100

Please pray for us.

Ad Iesum per Mariam,
Fr. Carney

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