Question #7 – “What food should I bring, and how should I pack it?”

In this final post of the Q & A series, we’ll concentrate on what to pack for personal food reserves, and how to pack them.

3. Try packing your food reserves this way:

Place each day’s three cold meals inside three small, separate ‘zip-lock’ freezer bags. Write on each bag, “breakfast, day-1”, “lunch, day-2”, etc.

Note: If you need more than a quart-sized bag for each meal (per person), you’re probably packing too much food.

Then place the three meals of each day in three larger, gallon-sized ‘zip-lock’ bags, each labeled “day-1”, “day-2”, etc.

Place all three days’ meals in a larger bag, stored inside the one large piece of luggage permitted.

Remember: it’s dark — very dark — when you wake up and go to sleep. So the less you pack, and the smarter you pack it, will afford you more time to pay attention to the important things: foremost prayer at holy Mass, breakfast (!), prayer & charity on the road, lunch (!), fellowship with friends, supper (!) and prayer at night.

There are probably better ways to pack, but these should help, or inspire better ideas.

Read the FAQs online for more information.

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