Pilgrims – PRAY! Now, at the hour of his death!

Eleven year-old William Schneider, brother of fellow pilgrim Maria Schneider, of Scranton died in the early morning of first Saturday, March 3. In your charity, please pray for the repose of his sweet soul, and for the consolation of his Parents & siblings, fellow-pilgrims.

Below is the notice we posted begging prayers of intercession of The Servant of God Walter Ciszek.


Eleven year-old William Schneider, brother of fellow pilgrim Maria Schneider, of Scranton is dying.

It came on in a flash, a virus that at first attacked his heart, only days ago. His doctors this morning (Fri, 2 March) have declared there is nothing they know now to do to defeat the virus, which is attacking his other organs.

In tears of humility his Parents and Siblings implore all friends in the Lord to let this be the time for Christ to be glorified in a miraculous cure of Little William by the intercession of Walter Ciszek of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.

The chaplains & directors of annual pilgrimage implore you PLEASE, in your charity:

Beg Walter Ciszek, native of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, to pray Christ to restore William to health and to his sorrowing Family: that through miraculous healing, reversing William’s death, Christ may be glorified on his liturgical Altar throughout New France and beyond by the intercessory prayers of Walter Ciszek!

Good Walter Ciszek of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, pray to Christ for William – to obtain for him reversal of death and miraculous healing!

father w ciszek
(Father Ciszek is shown here, in the middle, as a young priest.)

Father Walter is a patron of the annual pilgrimage. Read about his romanity here, and in an excerpt from one of his books, here.



Father Ciszek shown here, in a mugshot as prisoner of the Soviet State Security & Labor Camps – GULAG, 1939 – 1963.

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