special Day of Recollection scheduled for members of the Company of St. René Goupîl in March – Pilgrimage for Restoration 2023

pilgrims_in_cathedral_of_woods-940x198 Mark your calendar!

Join pilgrim-organizers converging at Allentown, Pennsylvania, for a day of recollection on Saturday, March 11.

Fathers Joseph Favole and David Lopez, FSSP, chaplains of the annual Pilgrimage will direct meditations throughout the day, which begins with holy Mass at 8:00 A.M. at the parish church of St. Stephen of Hungary.

The day’s session will be devoted to imbue members of the Company (CSRG) with the spirituality of their blessed Namesake & Patron — which spirituality is condensed in the letter of St. Isaac Jogues, recounting his friend’s martyrdom in September 1642, written under obedience around the year 1646.

The chaplains will ‘unpack’ the letter’s account, to teach what it means for each CSRGer.

The Company was founded in March of 1998 in order to help to provide for the material needs of pilgrims in imitation of St. René Goupîl, a laymen and physician.

The meditations will concentrate on St. René’s spirituality, in order to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a free Christian servant to pilgrims in the manner of St. René who was a slave on his pilgrimage in the summer of 1642?”

Pilgrims and pilgrim-organizers, past & future, who are not members of the CSRG may also attend. Everyone else with an heart for pilgrimage is also welcome.

There is no charge for the day, but attendees and other benefactors are encouraged to donate to the stipends which the NCCL apostolate expects to give to the Fathers who direct the day’s meditations.

Benefactors may also contribute to help retreatants defray the costs of travel and/or overnight accommodations.

Click here to donate.

Send an e-mail to let Paul Audino, Vice-Director for the CSRG, know your intention — whether to attend or not.

Ask Paul also about defraying the costs of travel & accommodations, by staying with local pilgrims or pilgrim-families — beginning Friday, 10 March, until Sunday, 12 March.

The day will probably not be live-streamed, since to do so requires the CSRG to acquire capabilities not readily available.

Meanwhile, mark your calendar to arrive Friday, 10 March, and to depart Sunday, 12 March for the all-day event Saturday, 11 March!

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