Three-step instructions & driving directions for pilgrims arriving for SUNDAY’s events 2020

Arriving September 27, to make pilgrimage Sunday-only?

It’s easy. Here’s how.

1. First, register for Sunday only. (No fee.)

2. Then, go to this page on the website to see which option applies to your participation in Sunday’s events (these options are still applicable despite the change in location), and click here to print out the schedule & timeline.

3. Drive to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe 501 Ridge Ave, Allentown, PA to meet up with pilgrims waiting for you there. Drop off your passengers and proceed to the parking lot of either St. Michael’s Church (located at 156 Green Street) or St. John the Baptist Church (located at 924 N Front Street). All drivers parking at St. John the Baptist will be shuttled to the Shrine. St. Michael’s is closer, and drivers can opt to walk to the Shrine (2 blocks).

See this webpage for explanation of the two options to participate in Sunday’s events. These options still apply, the locations are the only change.

Click here for a printable schedule of main events & a timeline for Sunday-only.

See this post on the blog also for a summary of Sunday’s special events.

Blessed pilgrimage!