Q & A series to help pilgrims prepare for step-off – 2021

pilgrimage for restorationThe race is on. It’s now only three weeks — just 21 days — til step-off, Friday, September 24.

Look for a series of short posts on this blog to appear one, and sometimes two each day, starting this week, to help get you ready.

The posts are specially designed to help pilgrims to find answers to the more frequently asked questions.

ALL REGISTERED PILGRIMS are expected to read, attentively, the online FAQs carefully. (They really do contain information that is critical to participation.)

Question #1 – “What should I do first?” – Pilgrimage 2021

Question #2 – “What next, after beginning to pray?” – release of liability & parental authorization. Pilgrimage 2021

Question #3 – “So, how do I get to step-off location anyway?” Requesting the shuttle. Pilgrimage 2021

Question #4 – “Where can a pilgrim stay overnight Thursday, to be ready for step-off early Friday morning?” 2021

Question #5 – “What’s this I heard about check-in Thursday evening & rendezvous Friday morning?” 2021

Question #6 – “What clothing should I pack, and how should I pack it?” Pilgrimage 2021

Question #7 – “What gear should I pack, and how should I pack it – and my tent?” Pilgrimage 2021

Question #8 – “What food should I bring, and how should I pack it?” Pilgrimage 2021

Question #9 – “Who supplies what for whom, and when?” Pilgrimage 2021

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

26th annual — 2021 A.D.

Pilgrimage Banner

Friday – Sunday
24 – 26 September

“Now is the acceptable time.”


Your friends staying home this year can make pilgrimage from afar, from home or parish: obtain a plenary indulgence, sponsor a pilgrim (or two), request prayers or offer them — all from this page.

Listen to and learn the Songs of Pilgrimage!

“No one makes pilgrimage alone.”
Oremus pro invicem.
In unione orationum.
Ad majorem Dei gloriam.