12 days of Christmas in summertime – thanks to The Blessed Virgin Mary and her holy Father

IHM at Fonda 2010Like Ladies Looking for a sale, keep your eyes peeled for special rock-bottom discounts on the registration fee for groups & families.

(A minimum of three pilgrims or family members must register together on one form to avail of the discount.)

All the days of Christmas in summertime fall on Marian feasts, on a feast of one of St. Mary’s relatives, or on a commemoration of a Jesuit saint.

This Sunday, August 14, the Vigil of the Dormition & Assumption of The Blessed Lady, is the next one of the 12 days. Monday the 15th, the Great Feast itself, is the second day of discounts. And then we honor Our Lady’s holy Father – St. Joachim – The Grandfather of Christ, on his feast Tuesday, August 16th.

Holy Grandparents Christ Theotokos

But hurry. You must register & submit the fee on one of the days of the feast in order to receive the discount.

Caveat! The next day of special discounts does not happen until the end of August!

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