Will you watch one hour with Christ, for his sake?

epiclesis_1st_mass_at_monument_9_20_2013_1   Day of Recollection – Pilgrimage 2017

Saturday, 11 February 2017
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

St. Stephen of Hungary Catholic Church
510 West Union Street, Allentown PA 18101-2307

(Confessions-schedule is still TENTATIVE as of this writing.)

Please e-mail the Vice-Director of Communications to confirm your attendance, or to send regrets.

Organizers will broadcast morning & afternoon sessions online IF AND ONLY IF SUFFICIENT REQUESTS ARE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 6

Send an e-mail to request it.


07:35 – confessions

08:00 – holy Mass

Those praying from afar are asked to pray the prayers of holy Mass and make a spiritual Communion at 08:25 EST.

08:35-09:00 – thanksgiving in silence — confessions

09:05-09:55 – breakfast (brown bag; microwave, coffee & hot water supplied)

10:00-10:45 – first directed meditation

Meditations directed by Rev. Fr. Gregory A. Pendergraft, FSSP

10:50-11:15 – silent reflection — confessions

11:20-12:00 – second directed meditation

12:05-12:20 – silent reflection — confessions

12:25-13:00 – lunch (brown bag; coffee, hot water, microwave supplied)

13:05-13:45 – third directed meditation

13:50-14:15 – silent reflection — confessions

afternoon planning sessions – with organizers, to prepare for Pilgrimage 2017

14:30-15:05 – overview of pilgrimage organization, with questions & answers

15:15-15:55 – on commitment of service to Christ’s will for his pilgrims; and the need to make oneself indispensable – NOT

16:00-16:50 – listing negative effects, and tracing them back the their causes; then analyzing the causes, proposing solutions, and scheduling their implementation

17:00 – prayers and final blessing

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