Pilgrimage in sight & sound: a preview of things to come – looking back.

Seeing is believing. Faith comes by hearing. Taste and see.

Get a taste of pilgrimage from those who have enjoyed the feast.

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Viva Cristo Rey!   …   S A N   F E R N A N D O !

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With thanks to fellow-pilgrims of Thomas More College in New Hampshire, especially pilgrim-videographer Daniel Richert, who conceived the project, and shot & edited the footage, as well as to Jonathon Rensch, who spurred it to completion, and to Eileen Marie Rose O’Connor (née Lloyd), who narrates the story.

    28th annual
Pilgrimage Banner

Friday – Sunday
29 September – October 1, 2023

Now is the acceptable time.

Non nobis, Domine. Sed nomine tuo da gloriam.

Deo gratias. Laus Deo!