When your Mother asks you to do a favor

wilderness MassOur Blessed Mother & Theotokos has asked that her faithful children do reparation for the sins (mine, yours, ours and ‘theirs’) which are committed against Her Immaculate Heart.

She’s been so good to you — even when you are not paying attention. Or did you forget she’s been watching over and caring for you, just like a good mother, all these years. And not only when you were little babe in your (other) Mother’s arms.

What kind of child are you? Will you now console her in turn, when she is sorrowful?

(You don’t even have to travel to make pilgrimage in reparation. Find out how easy it is. Click here.) Read More

We all need to spread The Word

We all depend on The Word.

And The Word depends (as it were) on each pilgrim in his Church to get the word out about the pilgrimage of life: the return journey to The Father, through the Son.

It is also why the Pilgrimage relies on ‘word of mouth’ and “word of ‘net'” — to catch other fish for Christ.

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