St. Ignatius has a surprise for you on his feast, today – July 31.

saint ignatius soldierThe discount period on registration fees for groups & families expired June 1. But that doesn’t mean you or your friends and family are left holding the bag.

Thanks to the merits of St. Ignatius commemorated on today’s feast, you and your friends & family may register TODAY at the discounted rate.

But hurry. The ‘grace period’ ends tonight, July 31, at 23:59 PDT.

And you must register with at least two other pilgrims — friends or family.

Be sure to read this post carefully (and to the end) to learn how exactly to avail of the discount on this day of ‘grace’.

To maximize your discount, register with more than two friends. See this page for intermittent ‘grace’ periods — days on which, thanks to your Blessed Mother in heaven, you, pilgrim-wayfarers in peril of shipwreck, can obtain, by a simple act of humble honor shown to her, the discounted rate for the registration fee after all.

No one is turned away for want of a fee.

Having difficulty affording it? See this page to help you find sponsorship. (Pilgrims call it alms for palms“.)

Families experiencing hardship can ask how to obtain sponsorship writing to the Director.

Not yet sure you can make it, but don’t want to risk losing the discount?

PRE-register today to get the discount — and a jump on preparations until you can make the final decision.

To obtain the day’s discounted rate, you and two friends or family must pre-register and remit today the “pre-fee” of only $25/pre-registrant. Then take til August 31 to remit the balance of today’s rock-bottom discounted fee.

Or, decide later to join from afar by prayer, obtain a plenary indulgence, pray for or sponsor or obtain the prayers of pilgrims.

Can only make it on Sunday, the last day?

Register today for Sunday only. (No fee for Sunday-only.)

Just click here to pre-register or here for Sunday only.

Can’t travel to pilgrimage?

But still wish to obtain similar graces, the benefits of prayers of fellow pilgrims, even a plenary indulgence?

Click here to find out home to participate from afar, even from home.

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

23rd annual

Pilgrimage Banner

Friday – Sunday
28-30 September 2018 A.D.

“Now is the acceptable time.”

Jump-start your plans, even if you are not sure you can make it to Auriesville. PRE-register. It’s simple, easy & there are no strings attached: you are left free to decide later whether you can make it or not.

You can also make pilgrimage from afar, from home or parish: obtain a plenary indulgence, sponsor a pilgrim (or two), request prayers or offer them — all from this page.

Listen to and learn the Songs of Pilgrimage!

“No one makes pilgrimage alone.”
Oremus pro invicem.
In unione orationum.
Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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