Step-off dawn, Friday

Last minute check-in 05:30 SHARP at the “Million Dollar Beach” parking lot, and forming up with your brigade

Friday morning check-in is ONLY for those arriving from afar early Friday morning, or who arrived too late Thursday to check-in.

EVERY pilgrim is required to form-up with his/her brigade Friday morning no later than 06:00 at the Million Dollar Beach Parking Lotnot at the Mass site.

Pilgrims who have over-nighted in a nearby motel bring their belongings on the shuttle to the Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot, and load them quickly on the baggage truck.

Pilgrims who have over-nighted in the Battleground Campground leave their belongings in the Campground at the places designated by organizers at check-in and/or in the morning.

Time constraints require every pilgrim to act promptly and to listen carefully to instructions of the pilgrim-organizers in order to arrive for holy Mass on time.

Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot *
Beach Road
Lake George, NY 12845

* No street number is available online for the parking lot. As the map indicates, it is directly on the Lake shore, approx. 1,000 feet (in a direct line) due-east from the Mass site at the monument to St. Isaac Jogues. The coordinates of the exact location are as follow: