Step-off dawn, Friday

THIS PAGE AWAITS UPDATING FOR 2023. The information on this page does NOT at all reflect circumstances, intentions, or plans in 2023.

On this page you will learn in overview what a pilgrim needs to do in order to plan with organizers in advance to step-off Friday morning.

THE FOLLOWING PASSAGES REFER TO LAST YEAR’S PILGRIMAGE 2022. This page does NOT yet reflect any of the circumstances, intentions, or plans in 2023, MOST OF WHICH ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN THEIR DETAILS FROM 2022.

Last minute check-in 05:30 SHARP at the “Million Dollar Beach” parking lot, and forming up with your brigade

Friday morning check-in is ONLY for those arriving from afar early Friday morning, or who arrived too late Thursday to check-in.

EVERY pilgrim is required to form-up with his/her brigade Friday morning no later than 06:00 at the Million Dollar Beach Parking Lotnot at the Mass site.

Pilgrims who have over-nighted in a nearby motel bring their belongings on the shuttle to the Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot, and load them quickly on the baggage truck.

Pilgrims who have over-nighted in the Battleground Campground leave their belongings in the Campground at the places designated by organizers at check-in and/or in the morning.

Time constraints require every pilgrim to act promptly and to listen carefully to instructions of the pilgrim-organizers in order to arrive for holy Mass on time.

Million Dollar Beach Parking Lot *
Beach Road
Lake George, NY 12845

* No street number is available online for the parking lot. As the map indicates, it is directly on the Lake shore, approx. 1,000 feet (in a direct line) due-east from the Mass site at the monument to St. Isaac Jogues. The coordinates of the exact location are as follow: