Spiritual Supplies

Spiritual Supplies

Pilgrimage Media

Learn prayers and the Songs of the Pilgrimage ahead of time! Request the Pilgrim’s Handbook of prayers, an audio recording of our musical selections, or the documentary video.

The Pilgrim’s Handbook

The Pilgrim’s Handbook* has over 60 pages of lyrics and prayers commonly used by the brigades on pilgrimage. Included with the handbook is the Latin-English texts of the forma extraordinaria of the Roman Liturgy.

*   The Handbook is back in stock – August 2022.

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Songs of the Pilgrimage CD

Nothing can dampen the joyful spirit of pilgrims lifting their voices in song as they make their holy journey. To learn the songs regularly sung by pilgrims, we’ve provided an a capella compilation which will help you, your family and your brigade members prepare.  There are thirty-seven songs included on the CD, including the sung version of the rosary, Mass parts, a variety of hymns, and a brief story of the martyrs.

Click here to download sample tracks gratis in MP3 format.

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Pilgrimage Documentary  — OUT OF STOCK 2023

The Company of St. René Goupîl has produced an informative 50 minute documentary of the annual Pilgrimage of Restoration. Filmed on location, its purpose is to educate and attract new-comers, and to strengthen the bonds of returning “veteran” pilgrims. Use it to learn about the pilgrimage, and to encourage others to make this unique spiritual exercise.

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