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about the Corps of St. Eustace Ahatsistari apostolate of altar servers

Young men 11 years and older with experience serving the Roman Mass in the traditional (extraordinary) form, and who are ready to endure the additional hardships of pilgrimage that are inevitable in order to serve Mass, may join the Corps of Eustace Ahatsistari.

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    We call it “signing-up”, or “declaring your intention” – whether at the moment that means ‘yes, no, or maybe’.



Pilgrimage for Restoration

2020 A.D.

-- 25th annual --

Friday - Sunday
25-27 September

A traditional walking pilgrimage

from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament
at Lake George Village, NY

to the Shrine of Our Lady's Martyrs of New France
at Auriesville, NY

Come to restore. The rest will come.


pilgrimage.for.restoration [at] gmail [dot] com