Modified Pilgrimage 2020

Modified Pilgrimage

Something for everybody

Families with children under 12 or seniors who prefer a minimum of walking can make a ‘modified’ pilgrimage.

More time is spent in camp in prayer, confessing, receiving spiritual counsel or sermons, singing, and enjoying the fellowship of other pilgrims.

Children also learn catechism and play with other young pilgrims.

Modified pilgrimage participants are organized into their own distinct brigade and thus pray together at Holy Mass. They also walk with the rest of the column, typically at step-off in the mornings, and as the main column approaches camp in the evening.

Special transportation arrangements and help in bivouacs are organized by the Vice-Director for Modified Events with (limited) assistance from the Company of St. René Goupîl.

Special accommodations for families & seniors in 2020

For families ONLY opting to bring an RV, camper or full-size van to transport the family between camps & to provide sleeping quarters, parking the vehicle on campground property Thursday night property incurs a fee, after registration, payable to the campground.

Thursday night’s camp also offers a few small log cabins for families and seniors to rent, also for a fee not included in registration.

Parents or seniors contact the manager/owner directly, optimally in advance, to rent a cabin or park an RV at camp.

  • day-1 Fri — is not a camp but a farm, the home of a generous Mennonite Family. Pilgrims bringing an RV or other vehicle will pay a fair price to the Farmer upon arrival Friday.
  • day-2 Sat — is also not a camp but the farm-home of pilgrim-leaders Reuben & Tessa DeMaster. Pilgrims bringing an RV or other vehicle are asked to give a fair gift to The DeMasters upon arrival Friday.

Please see the FAQs page for more about the modified Pilgrimage. Or contact the Vice-Director via e-mail.