Altar Servers’ Sign-Up

Young men 11 years and older with experience serving the Roman Mass in the extraordinary (traditional) form, and who would like to serve Mass on Pilgrimage, join the Corps of Eustace Ahatsistari by submitting the following form.

28th annual Pilgrimage for Restoration, 29 September – October 1, 2023 A.D.

You must please also PRE-register or register as soon as possible.

For more information e-mail:

Joe Lloyd
R.O. of Altar Servers
+1 484-828-3413 mobile

Corps of St. Eustace Ahatsistari

To pose questions about the spiritual formation of the Servers, contact:

Paul Audino
Vice-Director – Company of St. Renè Goupîl
Company of St. Renè Goupîl