Schedule – Thursday, and Friday to Sunday

RE-LOCATED, again, in 2021 to rural eastern Pennsylvania
due to continued covidiocy in New York State
destination – Nat’l Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Allentown
dates remain the same — Friday to Sunday, 24-26 September 2021

See the pilgrimage blog for updates — and pretty much every helpful detail you wish AND NEED to know.

INFORMATION (below) ON THIS PAGE DOES NOT REFLECT PLANS FOR PILGRIMAGE 2021. Check the pilgrimage blog for what you need to know in advance about the schedule – Thursday through Sunday, 2021.

1. Thursday —  Early-bird arrival & check-in

Those pilgrims traveling from afar are strongly advised to arrive the day before Friday’s pre-dawn rendezvous and step-off; i.e., they do well to arrive Thursday afternoon.

Arrival Points & Accommodations page for pilgrim-friendly accommodations near the step-off location Friday.

Early-bird shuttle service

For pilgrims arriving & departing by air or rail, and — for those driving — in order to retrieve their vehicles at the conclusion of the pilgrimage, a shuttle is provided Thursday only to the step-off location & accommodations in Lake George Village.

See this page for details.

Those expecting to use the shuttle must submit their request by September 21, in order to guarantee transport.

Click here to submit your or your travel-party’s shuttle request.

Early-bird check-in

Every pilgrim without exception must check-in upon arrival — whether Thursday afternoon or evening, or early Friday morning.

There are two opportunities to check-in on Thursday, and only one very early Friday morning.

  • a.   At 16:30 – approx. 20:30 hours Thursday early-bird check-in commences at the Lake George Battleground Campground, in front of the public restrooms in the Lake George Battleground Campground, behind the monument to St. Isaac Jogues.

Click here for directions to the Campground, or see the map below. (N.B. The times listed on the linked directions do not apply to this year’s pilgrimage.)

{google_map}Battleground Campground 2224 State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845{/google_map}

  • b.   At 21:00 – 22:30pm hours Thursday check-in continues at Cramer’s Point Motel & Cottages.

Click here for directions to Cramer’s Point, or see the map below. (N.B. The times listed on the linked directions do not apply to this year’s pilgrimage.)

At 22:30 hrs (10:30pm) check-in personnel retire for the night … and so should all other pilgrims!

{google_map}Cramer’s Point Motel 3382 Lake Shore Dr, Lake George, NY 12845-6620{/google_map}

  • c.   Any pilgrim arriving after 22:30 (10:30pm) Thursday must check-in 05:45 Friday morning at the rendezvous location; the parking lot at the “Million Dollar Beach”.



2.   Friday, day-1 — rendezvous of all pilgrims, last-minute walk-on registration, and check-in

05:45 – all pilgrims rendezvous at the “Million Dollar Beach” parking lot directly at the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament, (re)forming-up with their brigades.

  • Pilgrims who have not registered in advance — called “walk-ons” — must register with organizers, pay the walk-on rate registration fee ($150/pilgrim), and then also immediately check-in before joining their brigades.
  • Pilgrims who have registered in advance but arrived late Thursday and were unable to check-in early must also quickly check-in with organizers at this time.
  • Immediately upon completion of walk-on registration and last-minute check-in all pilgrims must join up with their waiting brigades.

06:30 – last call to all pilgrims to “repair to the standard” of their brigades

06:45 – pilgrims depart parking lot, processing to holy Mass

07:15 – holy Mass at the monument to St. Isaac Jogues

08:45 – (viz., immediately upon conclusion of Mass) breakfast directly behind the Mass site, in the lower campsite, Lake George Battleground Campground

09:15 – blessing of the banners, and a few words about brigade life

09:45 – step-off!

(Besides lunchtime, there are two rest-stops in the morning and the afternoon.)

TO BE ANNOUNCED: a milestone 24th anniversary event

18:00 – arrival at day-1 bivouac

18:15 – suppertime, washing & blister care, etc.

21:30 sharp – lights out!

3.   Saturday, day-2

04:45 – wake-up call!

05:30 – holy Mass; breakfast immediately follows

07:15 – step-off

(Besides lunchtime, there are two rest-stops in the morning and the afternoon.)

18:15 – arrival at day-2 bivouac

18:30 – suppertime, washing, blister care, etc.

20:15 – talent show!

21:30 sharp – lights out!

4.   Sunday, day-3

04:45 – wake-up call!

05:30 – breakfast (no morning Mass)

06:15 – step-off

12:00 – lunchtime & first opportunity for newcomer pilgrims to join the column

    NO STROLLERS may join up at the noon rendezvous point.

14:00 – second opportunity for newcomer pilgrims to join the column at Ft. Hunter

    Families & seniors of the modified Pilgrimage also re-join the column at this time.
    STROLLERS WELCOME to join up at the rendezvous point in Ft. Hunter.

14:45 – arrival at Shrine of Our Lady’s Martyrs, Auriesville

14:50 – 15:10 – short procession and quiet veneration of the Martyrs’ in the Ravine: St. René Goupîl’s burial place (a 23rd anniversary event)

15:15 – crowning Mass in the Coliseum of the Martyrs of New France

For more information about Sunday’s events only, please click here.