Thank you for applying to the Corps of Eustace Ahatsistari!

You have successfully submitted the application, and a copy of it has been e-mailed to you. If it does not arrive promptly, please check your spam folder or filter settings.

Please now take the following steps. You may wish to print-out this page for reference.

1. Register.

    1. Every pilgrim must register, altar servers included. Until then other organizers are not permitted to collaborate with you in preparations for the pilgrimage.

A server of the Corps who is NOT making pilgrimage in the field this year is NOT expected to register, but may if he wish. (Naturally, he may do so gratis — that is, there is no registration fee for him.)

2. All servers are asked to contact Francis Lafata directly, asap, to begin preparations.

3. Please download, print-out and keep copies of the accounts of the martyrdom of the Servant of God Eustace Ahatsistari found on this post of the blog.

    1. Members of the Corps of saint Eustace are to seek to live the spirit of their Blessed Patron, and each is therefore expected to study the excerpts of the linked articles from the

Jesuit Relations

    1. . The story of St. Eustace is to be read and taught to the assembled


    by Francis LaFata or the Corps’s Chaplain at least once per year, on the eve of step-off.

For more information e-mail:

Francis G. LaFata
Corps of St. Eustace Ahatsistari – R.O. Servers’ Team


Rev. Fr. David Franco, FSSP — Chaplain, Corps of Eustace Ahatsistari