Thursday night accommodations

Neither camping nor motel accommodations Thursday night are included in the registration fee. Pilgrims must book Thursday night accommodations themselves, in advance. See this blog post to learn what is covered, and what not, by the registration fee.

1.   The suggested campground (below) is at the site of the Friday morning Mass & step-off.

Reserve a site in advance here.

Upon arrival, pilgrims camping there Thursday pay the State authorities manning the cashier cottage at the entrance to the campground. Cost is approx. $22 per campsite, NOT per camper. (Surcharge for out-of-state campers is $5.) Six campers per site.

Lake George Battleground Campground
2224 State Route 9
Lake George, NY 12845

NOTE:   The online “ReserveAmerica [dot] com site linked below shows “no sites available” for Thursday, September 22. The Battleground Campground is sold-out already to fellow pilgrims. A pilgrim can ‘take his chances’ to meet-up with a fellow pilgrim, to ask to stay on his reserved site: six campers are permitted per site. Alternately, reserve a tent-site at another campground nearby, or at a motel in Lake George Village. Read on.

Reserve a campsite at Lake George Battleground Campground. Or visit the Lake George Battleground Campground webpage.

2.   The suggested nearby motel (below) is offered at reduced rate by new owners (2022) Thursday night only for pilgrims willing to share a room with another pilgrim.

Cramer’s Point Motel and Cottages
3382 Lake Shore Dr
Lake George, NY  12845-6620

3. Search online and book other motel accommodations in Lake George Village.  

4.   Hearthstone Point Campground – near Cramer’s Point Motel
  3298 Lake Shore Drive
  Lake George, NY 12845

ATTENTION!   Hearthstone Point Campground is CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Please disregard the information published here. Instead, reserve a tent-site at another campground very close by. Or click here to book a motel room in Lake George Village also near the step-off location Friday morning.

Reserve a campsite at Hearthstone Point Campground. Or visit the Heathstone Point webpage.

Remember, the cost to camp or stay overnight in a motel Thursday evening is not covered by the registration fee. Pilgrims pay when reserving a motel or campsite online, or at the entrance to the Campground upon arrival.

The pilgrimage’s shuttle service includes bringing you to check-in and to overnight accommodations Thursday evening, pick-up at your overnight accommodation very early Friday morning and delivering you and your bags to the step-off area to form up with your brigade before holy Mass. Shuttle drivers will confirm the itinerary when bringing you to your accommodations Thursday evening.

Pilgrims camping at the Lake George Battleground Campground do not need to be shuttled Friday morning, because the step-off area is at that Campground.

ALL pilgrims must submit the shuttle request regardless if one supposes otherwise — yes, even pilgrims of the ‘modified events’ who are keeping their vehicles throughout the pilgrimage.