Thursday night accommodations

On this page you will learn in overview what a pilgrim needs to do in order to plan in advance with organizers to reserve overnight accommodations Thursday in Lake George Village either at local motels or in the bivouac established for pilgrims to camp in Wood Park.

There are two options for overnight accommodations Thursday in Lake George Village.

Option 1.

Camp in Wood Park, reserved for pilgrims by organizers.

Pilgrims reserve their campsite at registration – $10 per pilgrim or $35 per group/family.

To reserve a site in Wood Park after you have already registered, return to the registration webform, look for the “Thursday night accommodations” heading, select a “Thursday night camp-site” for “individual” or “group/family”, add your choice to the cart, and check out.

Wood Park is the location of check-in Thursday and where brigades reform Friday morning before holy Mass, breakfast, and step-off.

Organizers shuttle pilgrims to check-in at Wood Park Thursday so long as pilgrims request the shuttle in advance.

See this post to learn the basics about the shuttle, and this post for more information.

Option 2.

Pilgrims reserve and purchase their own Thursday overnight accommodations elsewhere in Lake George Village.

Organizers shuttle pilgrims to check-in at Wood Park Thursday, and from there to a pilgrim’s overnight accommodations elsewhere so long as each pilgrim requests the shuttle in advance.

Early Friday morning, organizers shuttle pilgrims back to Wood Park where pilgrims form up with their brigades, prepare for holy Mass, and later eat breakfast. (Shuttle drivers confirm the itinerary when bringing pilgrims to overnight accommodations Thursday evening.)


No gatherings of pilgrims may take place in the Battleground Campground in 2023.

Anyone electing to camp at the Battleground Campground in 2023 does so of his own accord, but not as a pilgrim or under auspices of the Pilgrimage for Restoration.

Please do NOT identify yourself as pilgrim if you elect to camp there.

Campers there must follow all published rules of the Campground.

We repeat: No pilgrimage activities or gatherings may take place in the Lake George Battleground Campground in 2023.