Something for everyone – 2024

Schedule in overview

Friday-Sunday, 27 – 29 September

Pilgrimage 2024 offers multiple days & ways to make it easier to participate than ever.

There’s something for just about everybody. Take your pick.

Traditional Roman liturgy forma extraordinaria, personal spiritual guidance, teaching, confessions, fellowship – every day.

1.   Sunday-only, September 29

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    Similar to the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage to Chartres in France, many pilgrims join the Auriesville pilgrimage on the last day, Sunday, to walk the last leg of the spiritual journey with the column of pilgrims on the road since Friday.

    Click here for the itinerary, options, and instructions for Sunday.

    Extraordinary Holy Mass crowns the Pilgrimage in the Coliseum church of the Martyrs of New France at 3:15 P.M. Sunday.

    Pilgrims wear hats, sturdy walking shoes and modest clothing, remembering they attend Holy Mass after; no shorts.

    Pilgrims bring bottled water, make provisions for inclement weather and carry holy images, banners & flags – but no signs as in demonstration.

2.   Friday – Sunday, 27-29 September

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    • Walk three days through the Adirondacks, 63 miles, from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament (aka Lake George, NY) to the Shrine of Our Lady’s Martyrs, at Auriesville.
      Transportation & TLC are provided throughout for weary pilgrims.

    Three to five miles walking daily for two weeks prior to the event is recommended for conditioning.

    Pilgrims may walk three hours, three miles or three days thanks to the charity of volunteers who shadow the walking-column in vans.

    Camp two nights and join up with the your family, friends & fellow pilgrims arriving Sunday for continuation to Auriesville.

    • Sometimes late-comers join pilgrims already at camp Friday or Saturday evening.   If so, they have to make their own travel arrangements, and also register, as every pilgrim must.

    Traditional Roman liturgy forma extraordinaria, personal spiritual guidance, confessions, fellowship — every day.

3.   Friday – Sunday, 27-29 September   Modified Pilgrimage

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    Children and their parents – seniors, too – may join for more than one day in a modified pilgrimage: praying, singing, playing, learning catechism – in camp. They also (may) walk short distances with pilgrims in the main column each morning, afternoon, and evening.

4.   Pilgrimage from afar

    Can’t travel to make pilgrimage?

    Click here to request prayers, offer prayers, or to sponsor a pilgrim!

    Pilgrims will remember you in prayer en route, and you can pray for them while making pilgrimage from home.

    Click here to learn how to obtain a plenary indulgence from your home.